Difference between Single and Double Pole Rocker Switches

A rocker switch refers to the on-off switch. It rocks back and forth, hence its name rocker switch. When you press one side of the switch, the other side raise. The action resembles that of a see-saw. These switches are commonly used as they are reliable. So, customers around the world prefer this form of switches. The poles indicate the number of circuits controlled by a rocker switch. You can classify it as single pole rocker switches and double pole rocker switches.

Heavy duty sealed rocker switches

Differentiate Single Pole And Double Pole Rocker Switches

You should know all about single pole (Uses just one circuit) and double pole rocket switches (two separate circuits). Here we have mentioned the main differences, just check out the details below:

Want to know how to differentiate the two types? Here are the top points that make single-pole different from double pole rocker switches:

  • Single pole rocker switches only control a single electrical circuit while the double pole can control two independent circuits at the same time.
  • Single pole rocker switches have two terminals for single-pole, single-throw (SPST) or three terminals for single-pole, double-throw (SPDT). While double-pole has four terminals for double pole, single throw (DPST) or six terminals for double-pole, double-throw (DPDT). It is like 2 separate single pole switches operated by button, knob or by mechanically.
Single Pole Rocker Switches

Single Pole Rocker Switches

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