What services you can take advantage of with franchised distributor of electronic components

At Electrocomp Int’l Inc we deliver services like PCB assembly, membrane switches, PCB design, wire harnesses, flex circuits, membrane switches, etc. Electrocomp Int’l Inc is a franchised distributor of cable management, electro computerized, Interconnect elements and electronics. We represent the global factories from Hong Kong, China, India, and Taiwan. Our goal is to become the suppliers of elements at reasonable cost-effective prices, at the same time maintaining the quality of the commodities. We also prefer to assist the manufacturing enterprises to diminish the cost of their elements by giving them alternative units to lessen the expenses to make it more cost-effective. Our concept is to be the source of help to the manufacturer of the products at reasonable and beneficial rates. We are the top leading suppliers of electronic components, electrical supplies and to develop creative electrical commodities.

High quality electric component design

Value added services for electronic components

Electrocomp Int’l Inc also provides certain value-added services like high-quality design, production and assembly services. Our services also include PCB assembly, PCB design, membrane switches, etc. The PCB assembly provides a production run of PCB’s, box assembly, a functional test of PCB. We also make your work easy by providing you with wire harness where we reduce your time-consuming labor of preparing wire leads and we supply you the quality products on time. We will keep your stocks safe and your inventories like wire harness, wire leads will be shipped as per the booking and delivered on time. The products are tested before they can be shipped which in turn will decrease your meeting time and improve the output.

High-Quality AutoCad Designing

We also make harness AutoCad drawing from the sketches or samples and also take into consideration wire assembly projects as per the customer’s needs. When it comes to membrane switches, we provide mechanical design keypads or switches. We use the concept of production and design prototype. The services for membrane switches include prototype samples, design, and production run. The flex circuits are in high demand in electronic industries. It can be either single, double or multilayered. Also, the box built can be used as flexibility. Our services for flex circuits include prototype samples, designs, and production run.

Engineering drawing services
At the engineering drawing services, we save valuable time of the engineers. The time they spent on modifying, amending gets confirmed. They can even spend their quality time in something productive, our services like providing the sketches to finish the drawing can be helpful to engineers as it will conserve their precious time to rectify the drawings until it gets completed. The services we provide is not just restricted to the electronics electrical industry but to mechanical, architectural and also wire harness and many more. If you are interested in our services you can contact us at Electrocomp Int ’l Inc. We are there to provide you with the best services pertaining to electromechanical, Optoelectronics, cable management, interconnects, etc. We assure you that we will provide all the necessary services so that you can take advantage of the franchised distributor of electronic components.

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