What You Need to Consider While Shopping for Electronic Components Online?

Electronic Components

Ensuring a stable supply chain for sourcing your electronic components is the first step a manufacturing unit needs to take. You realize the importance of uninterrupted and continued supply of components when you wish to cut cost of your products that you have assembled. Bulk purchases always give you greater chance of cutting down on component costs as each manufacturer offers high discounts and special offers to those units that order large quantities of their stocks.

It is also a prerequisite for your firm to understand the market of each component such that you will be able to source the same from different suppliers and distributors over internet. Further, you need to know important factors that go a long way in stabilizing supply chain of your components.

Do thorough Research of All Component Supplier

You must as a basic step carry out thorough research of all or most online components suppliers. You should note their dealings and their past history of keeping different supply chains uninterrupted. You may form your opinion by going through various reviews both in media and online so as to form your own independent decision.

You need to make out a list of good, medium and bad suppliers of components. Naturally, you deal with only good ones and in some cases with medium types.

Use Combination of Component Suppliers

Rather than depending upon only one source you ought to have other sources to supply essential components of your device. This is because any disruption caused by one could easily be compensated by sourcing supply from another or half a dozen other suppliers.

If you are sourcing directly from manufacturers then it means that you are aiming for certain brands over that of other brands and non-branded components.

Shorten your Supply Chain Route

This is by far very important as a long supply chain route for you components would mean that there may be disruption. Hence, while purchasing your electronic components you may at the most aim for manufacturers or distributors.

However, there is a pitfall here as most manufacturers as well as distributors do not entertain small orders. You may therefore have to go for dealers and this means extending your supply chain further.  

Supplier of Electronic Components

Understand Genuine and Fake Components

You must be alert if your supply chain is longer as there are always chances that somewhere along the line you may also receive fake components. When dealing directly with manufacturers you not only get genuine components, but also their full technical support.

Suppliers with Catalogues

These are suppliers that have a range of components and seem to stock a lot of items in small quantities. If you need some components urgently such as to meet requirements of your valuable customers then you may go these suppliers.

There is a problem here and that is most of components sold this way are higher than usual market rate. So you may resort to this method for emergencies only.

There is yet another source and that is through an electronic component broker yet the price demanded may go up considerably.

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