In addition to our electronic components, we provide high quality design, assembly and production services.

We offer the following services:

PCB Design







PCB Design

PCB design starts with Schematic. Schematic is drawn using PCB layout software. There are many PCB design softwares in market: Eagle, PCB Artist, Altium, PADS, etc. Then the schematic is captured to design the PCB layout. The PCB layout is an arrangement of components with connections -traces within a specified size of PCB. The following examples of Schematic & PCB layout were done using Eagle PCB Design software.




PCB Layout

We provide following services of PCB Design & Manufacturing:

– PCB Design from Scratch .Finished Schematic, Layout in PCB software
– 2,4,6 Layer Design
– PCB bare boards prototype samples.
– PCB bare boards Productions run lot.
– Reverse engineering from Sample board.


PCB Assembly

Once PCB design is completed, Gerber files are sent to PCB fab house for Production. Usually if it is a new design, then engineers prefer prototype samples 2-3 pcs before production run. PCB house manufactures 2-3 pcs PCB or production run. Below examples of each type of assembly.

Bare PCB

Assembled PCB

PCB layout software also prepares BOM of parts. This BOM is used to purchase electronics parts. For the PCB assembly, a contract manufacturer, then populates these parts using SMT machines & completes various processes before assembled PCB is given to customer.

We provide following services of PCB Assembly:

– Prototype run of 2-3pcs assembly.
– Production run of PCB’s.
– Functional test of PCB as per test procedure.
– Box assembly, if PCB is to be put in a box along with other electrical, electronics parts.

Wire Harness

We take away your tedious & time consuming work of making wire leads, wire harnesses and can supply you on time quality products as per your schedule.

We will carry inventory of your wire leads, wire harness and ship as per your schedule delivery dates. All wire leads, wire harnesses are 100% tested before shipped to you, reducing your assembly time & increasing production.

Below are wire assembly projects and services we can handle:

– Wire leads from 22 AWG ~ 16 AWG
– Wire harness with different wire gauges -22AWG~10AWG
– Ribbon cable assembly.
– Flat Flex cable assembly. FFC,FPC cable ; Jumper cables;
– D-Sub, USB,Power Cords, Y-CABLES
– Battery cables
– We welcome wire assembly projects with custom requirements.
– We also provide services of making harness AutoCad drawing from sample or sketch.

Membrane Switches

Membrane switch design starts with schematic & mechanical design of switch/key pads. There are many types of membrane switches. It can be PCB type, Tactile switch, Flex PCB circuit, Overlay with dome type switches, EL panel, silicon rubber key pads. Below are some pictures to show these types. We take it from your sketch of schematic, concept to design & production of prototype. Once prototype is approved we can do the production run.

PCB type

Flex PCB type

Dome type

Silicone Rubber type

We provide the following services for Membrane Switches:

– Design
– Prototype samples
– Production run

Flex Circuits

Flex circuits are very much used where you need flexible connections, flexibilities in electronics industry. It can be single side, double side or multilayers. Also it is used in box build where you need flexibilities of connections.

We provide the following services for Flex Circuits:

– Design
– Prototype samples
– Production run

Engineering Drawing Services

We provide this services to save engineers their valuable time. They often spend lot of time in revising, correcting drawings till it gets finalized. In the mean time they could spend their valuable time on something more productive. We can take it from sketch or concept to finished drawing at most effective price. These services are most beneficial to  engineers as it saves their valuable time revising, correcting drawings till it gets finalized.

Our services are not limited to only electrical, electronic industry but rather any engineering drawings: Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Wire harness, etc.





We also provide drawing services of Solid works.

Electrical (Solidworks)

Mechanical (Solidworks)

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