Monthly Archives: November 2019

What services you can take advantage of with franchised distributor of electronic components

At Electrocomp Int’l Inc we deliver services like PCB assembly, membrane switches, PCB design, wire harnesses, flex circuits, membrane switches, etc. Electrocomp Int’l Inc is a franchised distributor of cable management, electro computerized, Interconnect elements and electronics. We represent the global factories from Hong Kong, China, India, and Taiwan. Our goal is to become the […]

Why You Should Order Electronic Components Online?

Electrical components are something that one has to be very careful when buying. There are so many vendors but not everyone offers high-quality products. But the online store that solely offers electrical components, are the ones that can be trusted. This is because they aim at offering quality products so that they could stay ahead […]

Why you should choose wire connectors? Check out things to be considered carefully

Picking the best electrical connector for your purpose may be one of the most significant decisions to make in your carrier or mobile equipment configuration. The proper wire connectors can provide a safe method to downsize, modularize, or more attractive manufacturability and field maintenance. There are some guidelines to consider when selecting electrical interconnect components, […]

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